Thursday, May 20, 2010

Now is the Time to Seek Employment in the Healthcare Industry

Because of the current social and economic climate, now is the perfect time to seek employment in today’s thriving healthcare industry. The industry is expected to see major job growth in the future.

Why is the healthcare field growing?

Our population is aging as the Baby Boomer generation retires, creating a need for better health care solutions. Another factor is that our economy is moving from the production of goods to the provision of services. Health care and other service industry jobs are replacing the factories and assembly lines of our nation’s past.

At a time when the rest of the economy is struggling, the health care industry is expanding. Medical coding and medical billing are great entry level careers to get into, providing many opportunities to work in the healthcare field. Kaplan Continuing Education offers Medical Billing and Medical Coding certificate programs which will give you the health care education you need to compete in this thriving industry.