Monday, February 22, 2010

Paying for College Through an Online School

Online schools, such as Kaplan Solutions, know that you have financial restraints, including bills and family expenses. This is why online schools offer payment plans and other options to help fund your education.
Another way to cut the costs of online education is to have a third party reimburse your education. If you are currently employed, you may qualify for employer tuition reimbursement.
Of course, online students can also benefit from scholarships, grants and loans that traditional brick and mortar students take advantage of.

Job Spotlight: Pharmacy Technician Salary

Pharmacy Technicians play a pivotal role in pharmacies, retail, hospital, and mail-order settings. But what is the average Pharmacy Tech's salary? The average Pharmacy Tech makes $27,710 a year according to the 2008 Occupational Employment Statistics. However, Pharmacy Techs working in hospitals can expect a higher salary of about $32,180 per year.

Invest in Yourself with Continuing Education

With today’s troubled economy, now is more important than ever to reinvent and invest in yourself. Don’t become the next victim of the widespread layoffs; take proactive steps to ensure you are the best, and the most qualified, at what you do.
Think of continuing education as “career maintenance.” You wouldn’t drive your car for 10 years without getting an oil change, so why would you still be running your career on outdated qualifications? Investing in your education is one of the best ways to secure your job and advance yourself.
Thankfully, Kaplan Solutions offers continuing education courses online at your convenience. Completing an online continuing education course on your own time in the convenience of your own home couldn’t be easier. Schedule your career maintenance today with Kaplan Solutions!

Poll – “Would YOU Recommend Online Continuing Education to a Friend?”

Kaplan Solutions wants YOUR opinion! If you have experience with online continuing education with Kaplan or any other educational provider, we want to know if you would recommend continuing education online to a friend.

Respond to the question “Would YOU Recommend Online Continuing Education to a Friend?” in the comments!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Course Spotlight: Pharmacy Technician Certificate

Pharmacy Technicians are at great demand due to ever increasing prescription medications. The pharmacy technician continuing education program at Kaplan Solutions teaches students to succeed in the medical field and teaches students medical and pharmaceutical terminology so they can serve as a valuable liaison between medical professionals, pharmacists and patients. The pharmacy technician training offered by Kaplan Continuing Education is designed to prepare graduates to pursue careers in the ever expanding health care field.

Courses include:
• Introduction to Pharmacy
• Fundamental Pharmacy Concepts
• Pharmacology
• Top 200 Drugs
• Pharmaceutical Calculation, and more!

EMS Lessons to Be Learned in Continental Plane Crash Ruling

In response to the National Transportation Safety Board’s (NTSB) verdict on the Continental Express plane crash that killed 50 people last year, an NTSB investigator stated that “the crew did not perform in a way consistent with the training they received.” This is shocking because EMS training is at the foundation of quality emergency care. Although continuing EMS education may be time consuming or costly, making sure you have the most up to date EMS training is crucial. Although failures in EMS may not be as drastic as the Continental plane crash, proper training can save lives and ensure that such failures are few and far between. How can you afford not to continue your education and training?

Continuing education and EMS training can be as simple as organizing an article sharing group, or arranging for a guest speaker to speak at a small conference with others in the EMS field. This can help you to keep up to date on advances in the EMS community while creating a supportive networking group.

Firefighting Rookie Reflects

John Barrett, firefighter “rookie” with 8 years experience, begins a series of reflections on issues affecting fire service entitled Riding Backwords. In this post, he states that although firefighters often have to “make do” with supplies and equipment, when it comes to safety, fire and EMS workers simply can’t afford to “make do.” He discusses the importance of apparatus and equipment readiness, personal health and training, and individual and company training, including continuing education. In conclusion, take care and be safe! For cost-effective training, consider Kaplan Solutions’ Fire and EMS continuing education courses.