Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chronicles of EMS: Season 1 Episode 1

Check out Episode 1 of the EMS reality series Chronicles of EMS:

Chronicles of EMS - The Reality Series (Season 1 Episode 1) from Thaddeus Setla on Vimeo.

iPhone & iPad App for EMS Professionals: Triage Link

Triage Link is an App for iPhones and iPads that allows EMS professionals to quickly track vital signs of patients and other patient care data, eliminating the need for estimations on “crib sheets”.

The App collects patient data including age, gender, chief complaint, level of consciousness, heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, oxygen saturation, blood glucose, pupils, lung sounds, skin color, temperature, moisture, Glasgow coma score, and triage status in real time.

The patient’s data is organized in a time-sequenced report which can then be emailed from the phone.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

iResQ: The iPhone App for EMS Professionals

The iResQ iPhone App is a must have for all EMS professionals, paramedics and first responders. The app allows the paramedic to enter patient information such as height, weight and age to get preloaded information about medications, drips, vents, and other critical procedures.

If you are a paramedic, first responder or other EMS professional, the iResQ App can help you be prepared for emergency procedures. Simply search iTunes for iResQ to download.

National Fire Service Resource Guide

The National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC) is offering a free National Fire Service Resource Guide for download. The guide serves as a reference for fire and EMS professionals and offers quick tips for fire and emergency procedures.

The guide covers topics including training, health and safety, recruitment and more. Click here to download the guide.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Kaplan Continuing Education at SEAFC 82nd Annual Leadership Conference

Kaplan Continuing Education (KCE) will be at the Southeastern Association of Fire Chiefs’ (SEAFC) 82nd Annual Leadership Conference on June 24th-25th, 2010 in Louisville, KY.

Stop by the booth to learn more about the various Fire & EMS courses that KCE has to offer and receive an overview of the dynamic learning management system (LMS) functionality.

The SEAFC’s mission is to provide leadership, education, information, and networking to career and volunteer chief fire officers and managers of Emergency Service Organizations throughout the Southeastern United States.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

EMS Garage Podcast: Canadian C-Spine Mythbusters

Listen to EMS Garage’s Podcast for EMS professionals featuring great discussion about EMS life. This week the EMS Garage discusses the Canadian C-Spine rule of spinal immobilization.

Medical Terminology Podcast: Week 1

Over the next few weeks we will share a series of Medical Terminology Podcasts. These short podcasts will help you pronounce, interpret and break down medical terms in the medical field.

This week’s podcast
teaches you how to break up medical terms into common prefixes, suffixes and roots which can clue you in to the meaning of the term.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Medical Billing Errors Cost Patients

Errors made by medical billers can create undue costs for patients. This is why it is of the utmost importance for medical billers to be highly qualified and thoroughly trained.

Kaplan Continuing Education offers a medical billing certificate which can help you to further your education and prepare yourself for a career in the medical field. Students who have earned a medical billing certificate at Kaplan Continuing Education may find themselves prepared for the challenges they will face in a career in the medical field.

Let’s take a look at what happened when one medical biller made an error:

A pair of transposed digits in a medical identification number created unnecessary medical costs of over $100,000 for Mike Dziedzic, a husband caring for his dying wife.

This type of error is not uncommon.

Medical Billing Advocates of America estimate that 8 out of 10 bills audited from hospitals health care providers contain errors. Approximately 3% of all health care spending, or $68 billion, is lost to billing errors annually.

This is why it is so important that medical billers are well trained; to save money for patients, hospitals and health care providers. With a medical billing certificate from Kaplan Continuing Education, students will better understand the claims and reimbursement processes associated with commercial and government health insurance.

NEW Courses: Fire Officer and Hazmat

Kaplan Continuing Education has launched two new online fire training courses designed to keep your skills current: "Hazardous Material (Hazmat)," and "Fire Officer: Principles and Practice."

The Hazmat course satisfies NFPA's requirements for first responders and the Fire Officer course addresses topics such as the IAFC/IAFF Firefighter Safety and Deployment study and more.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

EMS Podcast: Mitchell Waite, PhD

Fire Chief, Paramedic and EMS Educator, Mitchell Waite, PhD chats about his books: 400 Days a Call to Duty, The EMS Leadership Challenge, and Fire Service Leadership Theories and Practice; as well as his life in the fire and EMS profession in this podcast. Chief Waite leads the Wisconsin Rapids Fire Department and has been in the fire and EMS service for over 25 years.