Tuesday, May 25, 2010

10 Things Every Six Sigma Green Belt Should Know

The current trend in Six Sigma education is to incorporate “Lean” methodology into Six Sigma training, combining the Lean management principles of waste reduction with the Six Sigma tools of process improvement.

Here are 10 things every Six Sigma Green Belt should know:

1. Why the y=f(x) formula is important for process and business.
2. The Kano diagram and how it relates to customers.
3. How to create a histogram and pareto diagram, and know the difference between the two.
4. Basic equations, how to quantify project benefits, and speak the language of management.
5. The data collection process of projects and how to validate the measurement system.
6. How to calculate the mean and standard deviation of process data sets.
7. How to calculate short term and long term Sigma value of projects’ process.
8. How to perform basic statistical tests using a statistical software package like Minitab or JMP.
9. How to create a Cause and Effect (Fishbone) diagram to identify possible causes of process defects.
10. How to use graphs to show process improvement in a highly visible and easily understood visual form.

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