Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Financial Planning Coalition – Latest News

In an effort to further support the establishment of standards for their industry, the Financial Planning Coalition is recommending that congress support the SEC proposed “Fiduciary Standard of Care for Broker-Dealers”.

In a press release from March 29, 2011, the Financial Planning Coalition urges congress to support the SEC efforts and provide full funding for the agency. These measures are being taken to ensure investors are protected from further “Bernie Madoff-like” scams. They further seek to support that any funding for the agency comes from those whom the commissions regulates, not from taxpayers.

The Coalition was formed in order to support the nearly 75,000 financial planning professionals in the US. Kaplan Continuing Education provides a program for those seeking training and support in becoming a financial planner. To learn more about Kaplan’s Certificate in Financial Planning program, visit the website or call 866-542-4042.