Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cisco’s Latest Announcement – Powerful Enough For Every Person in China!

When Cisco unveiled its new CRS-3, a significant upgrade from the CRS-1 router, they promised to “forever change the internet”. But, does the router live up to the hype?

In an article at CNET, the company is quoted as describing the new router as having enough power to handle “322 terabits of traffic per second - or simultaneous video calls for every person in China”.

With video being one of the hottest features of the internet today, this new router will allow the largest ISPs to increase their capacity so that new video-based applications can be offered to the average internet consumer.Link
Announcements like this from Cisco effect the entire internet industry – from simple website and application development all the way up to the backbone access providers. Through devices that push the envelope like this, the whole industry grows.

We know news like this may not seem relevant to the average internet user, or even people interested in e-commerce, web design or internet security, but every one of those people will be affected by this latest innovation.


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