Thursday, December 2, 2010

Meet the KCE Business & Finance Faculty

Over the next few weeks, we will be getting to know the staff at Kaplan Continuing Education (KCE)!

Let's begin with the Business & Finance Faculty:

Meet Ralph Edwards, MBB, Six Sigma!

This is Allison Jones, Six Sigma!

Meet Dr. Garrett "Gus" Rathgeber, Six Sigma!

This is James Kallman, PhD, ARM, CRM, Risk Management!

Meet Sharon Bonnem, CFP®, Financial Planning!

This is Samuel E. Keller, Sr., Six Sigma!

Meet Matthías Eggertsson, Business Management!

This is Diane D. Menendez, PhD, MCC, Executive Coaching!

Meet Michael L. Wilson, CFP®, MBA, Financial Planning!

This is Greg Lane CPA, CFP®, Financial Planning!

Meet Julie Wiebell, MBA, PMP, CSM, Business and Finance!

This is Peter Blackwell, Financial Planning!

Meet Jeff Mershon, CFP®, MBA, CPA, Chair, Financial Planning Program!

This is Gary Harris, MEM, PMP, CSSLP, CEI, CCP, Associate Dean, Business and IT!

Meet Hal Lenhart, Financial Planning!

This is Jesús Longoria CFP®, MS, Financial Planning!

Visit or Call us at 866.542.4042 for more information about KCE faculty and staff.