Friday, December 4, 2009

Distance Education Prepares You for the Working World

Distance learning students are better able to work remotely and use technology to communicate and collaborate, two skills that are becoming more and more necessary in the working world.

In order to test this, Cisco Systems conducted a research study to test the productivity of employees who work remotely. During the study, Cisco replaced offices and cubicles with comfy couches and quiet lounge areas. Employees were allowed to choose their work space or work remotely, the same choice that distance learning students are faced with. The study showed an increase in productivity and an overall increase in satisfaction among employees.

Distance learners are at an advantage - they already know how to work remotely, use technology for communication purposes and remain productive without direct supervision. Distance learners bring their independence and competence with them to the workplace.

As businesses are becoming more global, many employees are working remotely and communicating with each other using the internet and other technology. Distance learners are one step ahead of the game because these were the same strategies they used and perfected in college.