Friday, October 10, 2008

10 Reasons to Get an Online Education in a Slowing Economy

Here are 10 reasons why getting an Online Education may be the best career move considering today's economy:

1. Invest in Yourself - Stocks are down. Invest your money in your education and reap the benefits later.

2. Keep your Job - Make yourself a more desirable and motivated employee by learning new skills or earning a certificate.

3. Prepare for the Worst - Layoffs are a reality. Keep your competitive edge by going back to school.

4. Increase your Potential - Higher education can increase the chances of a promotion or raise.

5. Change your Profession - It might be worth your while to become qualified for a career in a more "recession proof" field.

6. Learn Now, Pay Later - You might not have the money for school now, but student loans can help until you are in a secure career.

7. Employee Tuition Reimbursement - Check your employer's policy on tuition reimbursements. You would be surprised how many employers would pitch in for your education.

8. Defer Current Loans - If you are already paying back student loans from the first time around you may be able to defer your payments until even later if you return to school.

9. Save Gas - With today's prices who has the money to drive to class? Online classes offer a more convenient and affordable solution to $4 a gallon.

10. Spare Time - Scheduling classes around a full time job is nearly impossible. If you choose online education you can learn at your own pace in your spare time and you can keep your day job.